Emily Baines
September 17, 2016 12:25 pm
Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

Josh Brolin is known for being willing to take risks for his roles: it’s part of what makes him such a darn talented actor. But he’s recently really exposed his vulnerable side, and we mean that quite literally:

Josh Brolin’s been posting nude photos on Instagram!

Brolin decided to share this secret part of his trailer trip through Joshua Tree with fiancée Kathryn Boyd, giving us fangirls all sorts of wild dreams:

This isn’t the first nude photo of Josh Brolin we’ve seen on Instagram. Boyd shared one, too:

We particularly appreciate her sweet hashtag:

Of course, not all the photos Boyd and Brolin post are nude photos. This one in particular helps capture the amazement one feels when visiting a national park:

And unlike many celebrities, the two are not exactly traveling in posh circumstnaces:

But that’s what a trip through the desert and national parks are all about, right? Appreciating nature, not material possessions. And Brolin and Boyd definitely capture the majesty and bizarre beauty of their circumstances, making their feeds definitely ones to keep our eyes on. We love that Josh is getting his au natural look on, and we feel that nature appreciates it, too!