Jill Layton
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 9:56 am
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Apparently Twitter, has been working on a new beta version of a video Q&A app, and because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is…well…Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he was given permission and the tools to try it out.

Which means JGL did a video Q&A sesh, and it was obviously magical.

Twitter user Markie Hertel asked,

We have a feeling everyone everywhere was waiting with baited breath for the answer. We definitely were.

And the answer??

The sweet and sour sauce at McDonald’s.

We TOTALLY get that. Sweet and sour sauce can be used for so many delicious things — dipping fries, dipping McNuggets, dipping anything, really. It’s definitely a solid condiment choice.

Gordon-Levitt has been busy promoting his new film Snowden, so he probably hasn’t had time to eat, and is likely super hungry and in desperate need of some McDonald’s.

Will someone get the man some McDonald’s?

OK, he’s probably eating just fine, but we’re still willing to deliver McDonald’s if he’s interested (let us know, JGL).

He was also asked,

His response? An American in Paris.