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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the more unique, yet prolific, presences in Hollywood. His long career shows off his varied talents, ranging from acting, to dancing, to directing. His history is so diverse, in fact, that many people’s first introduction to him varies quite a bit. While we all remember him as Tom in 500 Days of Summer, many may also remember him as a child actor in A River Runs Through It, Angels in the Outfield, and even 10 Things I Hate About You.

Yes, Gordon-Levitt stole the show in 10 Things I Hate About You even when he was a teenager. This image from the film might spark your memory:

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If that doesn’t ring any bells, you might remember him from the NBC comedy series 3rd Rock From The Sun, in which he played Tommy Solomon.

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Or here, in another still from 3rd Rock. Is there anything more ’90s than lightwash jeans and a white t-shirt?

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His next big role was in the film Manic, where he first starred opposite Zooey Deschanel. As you can see below, he still had a lot of his boyish glow when they filmed in 2001:

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Both he and Deschanel are practically babies:

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The difference between the pair above, in 2001, and when they filmed 500 Days of Summer in 2009 is pretty intense. Though they still look very youthful, in spite of the eight years:

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By the time Gordon-Levitt stared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010, for Inception, it seems like he went through a bit of a growth spurt:

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And of course, in 2011’s The Dark Knight Rises, Gordon-Levitt basically transformed into a dignified older man:

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His aesthetic maturity came just in time for him to portray Edward Snowden in Snowden, due out in 2016:

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt? More like Joseph Gordon-LOVEit!

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