The positive vibes couldn't bring her down—even when haters came into the picture.
JoJo Siwa
Credit: Andrew Toth, Getty Images for Streamy Awards

It's been less than a week since YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa came out to her fans on social media, but she's already more than comfortable living her truth. She went live on Instagram on January 23rd to thank her fans for all their support, and called her coming out experience "really awesome" and overwhelmingly positive. And even when haters came into the picture, Siwa was too happy to let them rain on her parade.

As captured by the Instagram account @commentsbycelebs, one upset parent commented on Siwa's video, "My daughter will never watch you again," to which Siwa joyfully responded, "Okay!"

Your child not being able to watch Siwa due to the fact that she came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community seems more like a you problem than it does a Siwa problem, no?

Thankfully, the negative comments were drowned out by the love and support from celebrity friends, fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, teens, and parents who are proud to call her their child's role model.

"This is going to help so many kids who look up to you," Instagram influencer Kate Austen wrote. "Thank you & welcome to the fam." Another follower commented, "after you came out, i decided to and it went really well so thank u."

And over on the @commentsbycelebs page, another proud parent wrote, "My 10-year-old daughter thought it was cool and said love is love right Mom? Right on daughter." Another added, "You tell 'em Jojo! Thank you for making the world a better place for our kids."

The presence of so much positivity in her comments and replies in comparison to the hate tells us that things are moving forward. And with high-profile idols like Siwa embracing her true self in every capacity online, that forward motion is only going to speed up.