Jill Layton
Aug 22, 2016 @ 3:49 pm
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

John Stamos, the hunkiest TV uncle there ever was, turned 53 on Friday. And lucky for us, he posted a plethora of pretty amazing Instagram photos and videos of his eventful birthday weekend for our viewing pleasure.

To kick off the birthday weekend, Stamos posted this gem of a photo. Vintage Stamos is ALMOST just as good as current Stamos.

"The older I get- the better I was. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I'm a very grateful and blessed man," wrote the Full House actor.

And to make things even BETTER, Stamos spent much of the weekend with his TV son/Grandfathered co-star Josh Peck.

Peck took the birthday celebration to the next level with an epic Uncle Jesse t-shirt (that we desperately need). To caption the photo, Stamos wrote, "This is how my friends wish me happy birthday. #NeedBetterFriends. #RVBD @shuapeck."

We’re not sure if our favorite part is the fact that Peck is also wearing Uncle Jesse pins or the fact that they’re in an RV. Maybe both.

Above, you can get a better look at the RV (and of Stamos). "#RVLife #BirthdayWeekend," he wrote.

Here’s the birthday boy with Peck, walking the streets of San Francisco. (Man, we truly wish we were there.)

And what better place to celebrate a birthday than somewhere along Lost Hills Highway 46 inside a convenience store?

Answer: There's no better way. Especially if Peck and Stamos are involved.

Josh made us laugh with this caption: “No matter how old they get, they always need a little push. #prouddad #parentlife #rvbd.”

A drag show was also involved – because why not?!

"@johnstamos and I are slightly underdressed. @sundaysadrag thank you for the birthday show! So fun!" wrote Josh, explaining the above.

And then… everything went downhill when Josh started singing the Full House theme song.

The takeaway: John Stamos clearly had a birthday weekend that would make anyone exclaim, "Have mercy!"