Karen Belz
December 22, 2017 1:10 pm

We had no clue we even wanted this to happen, but now that it has? We’re all about it. John Stamos and Josh Peck read Grey’s Anatomy lines for a patient at a children’s hospital, and we’re so glad that there’s video.

Stamos and Peck worked together on the television show Grandfathered, and it’s pretty sweet that they paired up once again at the Memorial Care Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital in California to cheer up a few sick children. It’s a tradition that Stamos has kept for a few years — and last year, he brought Peck along as well.

Speaking of last year, he managed to make the Christmas of a girl named Amanda, who was upset since she broke up with her boyfriend. Like a true pal, Stamos called up the ex, named Jorge, and left him a voicemail message saying he’s with “Amanda, my new girlfriend.”

But if you thought that that was the best thing ever, you may be mistaken — since this year, Stamos and Peck read a scene with a patient named Carter. In it, Stamos decided to take on the role of Meredith.

This scene reminded us that we miss seeing Stamos and Peck on screen together. But at least they’ll be reuniting on a yearly basis, based on this act of goodwill.

Stamos also brought in a bunch of cupcakes for the patients, which is a gift that’s always special.

We just love the fact that Stamos has a way with kids — and without a doubt, we know that he’s going to be such a loving and attentive father when his upcoming son or daughter arrives!