jessica tholmer
Updated September 09, 2017 3:18 am
Gary Miller / Steve Granitz / Getty

Okay, listen. We know John Mayer has a reputation, but we’re also kind of into this matchup. Last night, John Mayer sent an innocent tweet about Nicki Minaj, wondering if the rap queen could ever like him. We have never thought about Nicki Minaj, vampire queen, and John Mayer, beauty vlogger, being a couple. But we’re weirdly into it. Hey, earlier this year Minaj confirmed on Twitter that she’s single — just saying.

Mayer started the whole thing with a simple, innocent tweet.

Honestly, a lot of us wonder if Nicki Minaj would like us or not, so we get it.

Mayer didn’t even tag Minaj, but she noticed his post right away. He had only a few minutes left to wonder before she hit him up with a reply.

Minaj’s response has us blushing.

No one should be that surprised at the rapidity of Minaj’s flirtation. She is the QUEEN of fire, both in lyrics and flirtation.

After that, Mayer was basically speechless. We don’t blame him.

Minaj finished the flirtation with a quick additional comment.

Though the flirtation ended ~publicly~ (for now), we’d like to think they have taken it to the DMs by now.

The music chemistry alone is too much to handle here. Even if this isn’t a true love connection, we are certainly hoping for a Mayer/Minaj mashup in the music world.

Regardless of whether or not this becomes a real thing, check back next week for our fan fiction. What’s the celeb name going to be? Nickon? Minayer? We’ll work on it.