These two should be the couple that everyone looks up to. After wife Chrissy Teigen opened up about her postpartum depression, or PPD, after delivering baby Luna, John Legend supported partners of PPD sufferers who may be witnessing their wives start to crumble.

Teigen wrote about her struggle with PPD for this April’s issue of Glamour, and according to Legend, she put a lot of thought into her words. The model and author probably knew that being in such an influential position could help her reach out to other women.

It’s good to have another reminder that women who suffer after giving birth aren’t alone or abnormal. PPD often crops up when you least expect it.

In the piece, Teigen wrote that she had lost her appetite, and simple things like getting out of bed were tough. “I would go two days without a bite of food, and you know how big of a deal food is for me,” she said.

Obviously, Teigen’s state also affected Legend. And we’re so in love with the response he gave regarding Teigen’s honesty about her condition.

But we especially love that he had some advice of his own — since while women often suffer the most with the condition, their partners also need the help. Not only do they have a new arrival at home, but obviously they want the best for their spouse.

Since Legend often slept on the couch with Teigen when she was feeling down, and attended appointments with her at the doctor, he definitely followed his own advice on the matter.

We love these two so much, and think they’re one of the strongest couples out there. It’s important to know that in a loving relationship, you should never feel alone.