John Boyega went a little crazy with splurge shopping after “Star Wars,” and this is his weirdest purchase

Just like John Boyega, we know the feeling of having a hole burn in our pockets after getting our first big paychecks.

Boyega joined Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, and Orlando Bloom on The Graham Norton Show this week to talk about some of his particularly unique purchases.

Boyega is promoting his new film, The Circle, in which he co-stars with Emma Watson in a dystopian world overrun by technology.

“John got his Star Wars cash, and I don’t know where he hit, but he hit a shop, a wonderful shop, and he bought some stuff, Norton said. “You were very kind and brought some pictures of the things you bought.

First up on the list of bizarre purchases are two stone lion sculptures that sit at the foot of Boyega’s bed. Boyega takes a minute to explain himself. He says, “The reason that I bought that is that I feel that my spirit animal is a lion.”

We respect that rationale. Next on the list of bizarre finds is a lamp. But not just any lamp, and no, we’re not talking the classic stocking leg lamp from The Christmas Story. This is a saxophone lamp. This is just a regular old saxophone with a lightbulb in the horn.

“That was glorified nonsense, I can’t lie to you. Boyega admits. “I was in Australia and this dude told me, there’s a saxophone, with a lightbulb in it. And something in my brain said to me, buy it.

Ah, yes the little voice in our heads convincing us to buy things, we know that well.

Turns out Goldie Hawn once made a clarinet lamp of her own, and feels a kinship to young Boyega.

But that’s not all. Norton saves his weirdest purchase for last – a knight toilet paper dispenser. Yup, a knight in shining armor that dispenses toilet paper.

“I’m just a big fan of weird things. I told you, I’m 73 deep down,” Boyega said as the audience laughed.

We appreciate you and your purchases, John.

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