Natalia Lusinski
July 30, 2017 11:32 am

It’s no secret that we have a big-time crush on Joe Manganiello. We know, Sofia Vergara, he’s all yours, and we lovvvve you two together. But now, for all you fellow fans of Vergara’s heartthrob, Joe Manganiello’s deep love of Dungeons & Dragons will make you crush on him even harder. We know — how is that even possible?! We learned the news from The Hollywood Reporter, and it’s making us want to go play D&D rn! I guess we shouldn’t be ~too~ surprised. In the past, we heard that Manganiello cowrote a Dungeons & Dragons screenplay (!). Swoooon.

Aside from being the captain of his high school football, volleyball, and basketball teams, Manganiello was also the captain of Dungeons & Dragons, so to speak.

He started playing it when he was 10 (!), he told THR. It makes perfect sense, then, that he and Deborah Ann Woll, his co-star from True Blood, are together again for Force Grey: Lost City of Omu, a Dungeons & Dragons quest played live on the D&D Twitch channel on Mondays at 5 p.m. PT — and it starts this Monday, July 31st.

It’s set within the new Tomb of Annihilation storyline, and the voices of Brian Posehn, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Dylan Sprouse are in the game, too, according to the Dungeons & Dragons website. As for the Dungeon Master, Matt Mercer is back to play the role.

But back to Manganiello and his love for D&D.

We’ll say! 😉

And who plays D&D, according to Manganiello?

We’re sure you know die-hard D&D fans just like we do, if you’re not already one yourself!

We can imagine! Though Manganiello was always the gamemaster, as he told THR, we look forward to seeing him in his role in Force Grey: Lost City of Omu on the official D&D Twitch channel. As a reminder, it’s on ~tomorrow~, July 31st at 5 p.m. PT. We can’t wait!