Kit Steinkellner
April 08, 2017 8:25 am
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We’re pretty big fans of Joe Manganiello over here at HelloGiggles. And we now love him even more because we found out that (drumroll please) Joe Manganiello wrote a screenplay for a Dungeons and Dragons movie.

We love Joe Manganiello because, um, Magic Mike. Also True Blood. And the new PeeWee Herman movie. Real excited about our guy’s sizable role in the upcoming Batman. Manganiello is basically just a magnet for cool projects.

And not only does he get cast in great things, but he’s also a screenwriter fully capable of creating powerhouse vehicles for himself.

As Nerdist reports, Joe Manganiello recently appeared on Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, where he talked a little bit about his game-to-film D&D dreams.

Manganiello cowrote a draft of the screenplay with a playwright friend from Carnegie Mellon. And the actor/writer reveals that he’s currently taking meetings with Wizards of the Coast. AKA the publisher of D&D. AKA the people who can give Manganiello the green light to make this fanboy fantasy a cinematic reality. Our response to this fancy possibility is something to the effect of:

And it sounds like Manganiello has exactly the right human take on this fantastical world. As he explains on the podcast:

And our response to THIS is, ya know, basically:

A talented artist/diehard fan bringing this cultural touchstone to the big screen? That sounds like a recipe for a great flipping film. We have all the faith in the world that Manganiello can pull of this feat of film development derring-do. We’ll be standing by, waiting for this awesomeness to hit theaters!