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When celebrities hit Reddit, typically good things happen. By scheduling an AMA (or an “Ask Me Anything,” for those unfamiliar) they have a chance to connect with fans, and answer some questions that they might not get on the media circuit. But Joe Jonas pretty much upped the ante, when he decided to chat on Reddit yesterday.

His answers were fun, honest, and pretty darn personable. Here’s a bit of what this famous JoBro shared:

For one, he’s now a bit embarrassed by the movie Camp Rock. Jonas starred in the film back in 2008, with Demi Lovato and his two brothers.

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Second, it seems like the Jonas Brothers breakup hit him pretty hard. (Even though he still gets along quite well with his former bandmates, of course.)

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Poor guy. We’re glad things have definitely improved since then.

Joe Jonas, thankfully, has a good sense of humor. At least, he didn’t seem to mind the famous South Park episode which parodied the brothers, and shed some (negative) light on their Disney-based careers.

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He also talked about rooming with his brother Nick. Is he a good roommate? Does he leave dishes in the sink all the time? The world needs to know!

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(As a bonus, he also got access to Nick’s clothes.)

Mobile gamers got to learn the sad truth — Jonas admitted in his AMA that he’s already given up on his Pokemon.

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And finally, Joe Jonas opened up about a once-“hush hush” topic — sex, and losing his virginity.

It’s so amazing that he really meant “ask me anything” — there was no holding back We’re so glad that Joe Jonas seems like such an open individual. We loved him before, but our love and admiration have grown tremendously since yesterday!