Rooney Mara fans have plenty to look forward to from her in 2017. But perhaps the movie we’re most excited to see her in this year is Mary Magdalene. Not only because the movie provides a female-centric take on the Bible character, but also because Page Six is reporting that Mara is dating her costar Joaquin Phoenix. That’s right, just like it has been speculated that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were romantically linked, now the actors portraying them are dealing with the same story.

So, can you blame us for wanting to see this play out on screen in Mara and Phoenix’s upcoming film Mary Magdalene? After all, this is some celebrity gossip of biblical proportions.

Page Six first reported that Mara and Phoenix were a couple in January 2017, though Phoenix’s rep said they were “just good friends” at the time. Now, a source is telling the publication that the two are “madly in love.” Life comes at you fast.

Even though it’s only an unofficial rumor right now, we must admit the couple of Phoenix and Mara totally makes sense to us. Sure, Phoenix may be over a decade older than Mara (hey, age is just a number, right?), but they are both critically-acclaimed actors who can carry big-budget films while still making time for quirkier indies. And no matter what the film is, both actors have the ability to transform completely into their roles.

But perhaps the number one reason we totally see them as a couple is because Mary Magdalene isn’t the first time that the actors have starred in a movie together.

While everyone knows Her as the Spike Jonze film where Phoenix’s character falls in love with his operating system, Mara played the wife that was divorcing him.

So, while it seems that it took until Mary Magdalene for this love connection to form (maybe because Phoenix was too busy crushing on Amy Poehler), these two have known each other for years.

Of course, we’re still super stoked to watch Mara in Netflix’s Discovery and her other 2017 films, but this dating rumor has made us even more intrigued to see her and Phoenix in Mary Magdalene.