Trilby Beresford
Updated Jan 26, 2017 @ 8:15 am
Credit: Chiaki Nozu/Getty Images

While we were terribly sad to hear about Mary Tyler Moore’s passing yesterday, this tribute warmed our hearts.

It means the world to learn that Moore’s groundbreaking show inspired Joan Jett, another woman of legendary status.

In a statement to Billboard, Jett spoke passionately about The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the personal impact it had on her.

Of course, Jett was so enamored that she released a cover of the theme song “Love Is All Around” back in the mid-’90s! She’s performed it numerous times over the years, but one of the best live gigs was on Letterman:

We’re digging how punk rock this is!

There’s no question that The Mary Tyler Moore Show was ahead of its time, and we’ll love it forever because Mary and Rhoda exemplify two of the best female friendships on television. Yup, a major binge session is on the horizon.

And even though it hurts to lose such a staple of the entertainment community, we must push forward and celebrate her life. Mary Tyler Moore deserves all the love that’s coming her way; just this morning Oprah broke down while paying tribute, and Michelle Obama even spoke about how Mary Tyler Moore had inspired her, which left us teary.

Along with Joan Jett and everybody else, we will miss Moore — and we’re so grateful for the special gifts she gave us.

H/T: Billboard