Apparently J.K. Rowling and Jessica Williams have been DMing on Twitter for years

Our favorite funny lady Jessica Williams stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week to promote her movie The Incredible Jessica James, and while she was there, Colbert couldn’t help but ask her about “the most exciting thing [he’s] heard in anyone’s life,” which is that Jessica Williams is secret BFFs with J.K. Rowling, and OMG.

Naturally, Williams had to elaborate on how she became Twitter friends with Rowling, and the story will make Harry Potter fans insanely jealous.

She revealed that in 2013, during her second year on The Daily Show, she got a Twitter follow from none other than Rowling herself, which then led to Rowling sending her a direct message on Twitter, causing Williams to understandably freak the eff out.

At first, Williams thought Rowling was “fake following her,” the way President Barack Obama’s team followed a bunch of people from his official Twitter account. But no…it turns out Rowling is a huge fan of her work, and the story of when they finally met up is so cute.

Rowling shares a birthday with Williams (July 31st) and Harry Potter, so the two immediately had something in common. She revealed they corresponded over Twitter for a while, but Williams was dying to know one thing:

Which house she belonged in (duh!).

Legit dying rn.

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Williams waited close to four years (!!), but with a little liquid courage and encouragement from her boyfriend, she finally got her answer. She said: “My boyfriend [and I] were at a bar maybe like, a month and a half ago, and we had been drinking and [he was like], ‘You should DM her,’ and I was like, no! And so I did a shot and then I messaged her like, ‘Heeey JoJo!‘”

Rowling told her the answer (Gryffindor!), and the two made plans to hang out in London. Williams understandably lost all chill when the two finally did meet, sharing the cutest picture and caption to Instagram:

⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️💀. Cool. Now that we've established that I'm dead- I met FREAKING J👏🏾K👏🏾R👏🏾O👏🏾W👏🏾L👏🏾I👏🏾N👏🏾G (aka Jo Jo- lol she lets me call her that. So ignorant.) originally like a month ago. Obviously we all know that I've been a Harry Potter nut since I was 10 years old so I was very nervous to meet one of my sheroes for the first time. What would I wear? What do you say at the alter (lmaooo)? What if we like...don't get along? Will I quit reading books forever because we don't get along? So I hung out with Jojo and was relieved that we got on verrrrry well and I was so stoked because meeting your heroes can be a real toss up of either cupcakes or dog doodoo if you know what I mean. This right here was cupcakes. We had like a legit full six hours of drinks and cocktails. Did I lowkey tear up during dinner? Yes. Am I aware that it was a trash bonkers thing to do over dinner while she's biting into her plate of veggies? Yes. But any sort of extreme emotion makes my eyes well up. #standinginmytruth #therealme #lovemeforme. Anyway- I had so much fun talking about life/politics/thesims with her over 25 cocktails that I felt like a realllll dweeblord for FORGETTING to snag a photo. The following day my mom tried to comfort me after I forgot to get a photo by saying "That's okay baby. You guys hung out for you two only and not social media." She was low key very correct but also she's my mother so I was like "🙄🙄😑😑😑." So cut to last night- and (wildly)I'm hanging out with the Khaleesi again and I was on my way out the damn door and was like "......wait I'm sorry can I get a photo? For my Instagram?? (I know such 🚮)" She was like "yes Jess of course!" So we took a few photos and yes she's a major babe and here she is on my IG feed for the both you And me to enjoy. ⚰️ #eatcraylove #jkrowling #harrypotter

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Williams says Rowling is “really, really cool” (and they apparently share a love of The Sims), and we are cheering for this friendship. We can’t wait to see more photos from future hangouts, ladies.

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