Karen Belz
January 26, 2017 6:25 am

News broke yesterday of the unfortunate passing of comedy legend Mary Tyler Moore. Since she was such a legend in the industry, it makes sense that celebrities would want to express how much of an influence she was. Last night, Jimmy Fallon revealed that Mary Tyler Moore inspired him, as well as his senior quote in his yearbook.

Since Fallon was named “Most Likely to Replace David Letterman” as a superlative back in junior high school, we trust every single thing those books from Saugerties, New York have to say.  (Of course, he ended up replacing Jay Leno — but close enough.)

Fallon’s Tonight Show tribute to the late star was touching, genuine, and truly sweet.

Fallon mentioned how Moore was one of the first single working women on television, which was extremely important — and even went so far to say that her show was so influential, that he almost considered her a member of his own family.

Not only was it such a genuine tribute, but it really showed how powerfully influential Moore was.

Who knows? Without Moore serving as inspiration, maybe Fallon wouldn’t be where he is today.

We wish the best to Mary Tyler Moore’s family and friends during this tough time, and definitely want to acknowledge all she’s done for women — and women in comedy — throughout her incredible 80 years.