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Updated Dec 11, 2016 @ 1:57 pm
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What happens when you put two of the greatest guys in a room together? Well, great things of course! The Rock was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he spoke about his new special, Rock the Troops. The special, which will air on Spike TV and is produced by The Rock’s company, features various entertainers’ performances for and interactions with U.S. military members.

When telling Fallon about his motivation behind the project, The Rock said,

As if anyone needed another reason to love The Rock, he then continued to shock us all when he told Jimmy,

Suddenly, everyone became Kristen Wiig’s surprise-obsessed SNL character as we watched Jimmy Fallon and The Rock snake through the audience to find someone to shock.

Then, in an unexpected twist, The Rock led Fallon to the show’s control room where he asked for one of the producers who was sitting there, Karina. She couldn’t contain her excitement when he greeted her and revealed that he clearly knew a lot about her.

Karina confirmed, and The Rock went on to reveal more facts about her,

Credit: NBC

He then continued,

Credit: NBC

At that point, Karina breaks down crying, and everyone watching surely was tearing up which might have distracted them from seeing THE MAN IN UNIFORM, PRESUMABLY TODD, SNEAKING UP BEHIND KARINA. And we are all like:

The Rock then told Karina,

Karina then turns around and everyone, including Jimmy, totally loses it. Just look at the producers in the background:

Credit: NBC

Jimmy and The Rock then proceed to bring the reunited couple in for a group hug, and it was the sweetest love-fest that anyone’s ever seen.

Credit: NBC

Clearly The Tonight Show’s crew members are masters at keeping secrets because they managed to orchestrate that beautiful event without Karina, one of the PRODUCERS, finding out. Watch the whole thing here:

Um, yeah, we cannot handle our feels right now.

The Rock later tweeted about the surprise:

As did former NYPD Commissioner, Bernard B. Kerik, whose heart was clearly as warmed as much as ours’:

From the looks of this teaser from The Rock’s Instagram, Rock the Troops is going to have a lot of sweet surprises for military members and their families.

Of course we would have guessed that a Rock-Fallon collaboration would be heartwarming, but we didn’t know it would be THAT emotional.