Karen Belz
Updated February 08, 2017
CBS/ YouTube

When you’re on a show that’s as big as The Big Bang Theory, you’re bound to hear a few crazy rumors and speculations about the show along the way. Luckily, Jim Parsons debunked a few actual “Big Bang” theories while backstage during his most recent appearance on The Late Late Show.

Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, has been on the show since it started back in 2007 — so obviously he’s probably heard it all by this point.

The theories were all pulled from Reddit, which was quite possibly the best place to find them. Not only do a bunch of the show’s fans flock to the site, but it’s the perfect place for those fans to air their ideas — as ridiculous as they might be.

Of course, Jim Parsons takes it all like a champ. Watch and see what he has to say.

Two of our favorites happened to center around Sheldon himself. The first was the theory that Sheldon was actually Spock from Star Trek in disguise. Reason being? Well, Sheldon often hears Spock’s voice in his head, and both of them happen to like outer space.

There is, however, a character he might be accidentally channeling — and it’s strangely enough brought up during the third theory shown.

One fan believes that Sheldon might actually be Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother in a totally different dimension.

The two are exact opposites, which makes this theory a bit more fun. Also fun? It turns out that Parsons auditioned for the role of Barney way back in the day. (We’re so glad that didn’t work out, and it sounds like he is, too.)

While he said it definitely wasn’t a true theory, he did admit that perhaps he was “giving off that vibe” a little, unintentionally.

We love the fact that we finally have some answers, straight from the source!