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Jessica Simpson’s Instagram game is on. point. Typically filled with pictures of the star’s photo shoots…

…mixed with images of her ADORABLE three-year-old son, Ace, and four-year-old daughter, Maxwell.

Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, only occasionally appears, as with total parenting gems like this:

E! shared that today, though, the singer, actress, and fashion entrepreneur sent a sweet and hilarious birthday shout-out to former NFL player Johnson on her Insta.

The picture is a gorgeous, black-and-white poolside image of the couple looking totally flawless; the post itself starts out innocently enough:

However, then Jessica gets, well, suuuuper cheeky:

Obviously, it’s totally true; that’s what makes it all the more funny.

We’re glad that Simpson, who recently spoke out about deciding against a breast reduction surgery, is comfortable making fun, sexy jokes like this one: after all, in the September issue of Women’s Health, she opened up about what it’s like to have your weight fluctuate when you’re in the public eye.

However, Simpson really highlighted the way in which she’s chosen to look at things:


We applaud Simpson for both her hilarious birthday dedication to her hubby, and her super down-to-earth way of dealing with media nonsense.