Vrinda Jagota
August 05, 2016 11:27 am

There is literally nothing better than scrolling through what feels like endless pictures of well-lit waffles on Instagram and finally coming across a picture that you screenshot and send to all your friends because the outfit the person is wearing looks so awesome you want to remember it for the next time you go out.

Jessica Pimentel’s latest Insta was exactly this beacon of hope in our usual Friday afternoon social media blackhole binge.

Jessica plays Maria in Orange is the New Black. She had some intense, dark scenes this season where she interacted with Piper in the show, which is the most racially charged season yet. While we don’t get to see the characters in many diverse settings or ourtifts on the show, as they are largely confined to the space of their prison, off screen, Jessica has a lot going on! As she writes in her Instagram bio:

“Musician. Dancer. Tibetan Buddhist. Warrior. Conqueress. Hustler. NYHC. Heavy Metal. Latina. Taina. [and] The Crusher™”.

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And, based on her most recent Instagram, she can add “Style QUEEN” to that long list of achievements.

In the picture, is wearing a burgundy dress with a circular print that matches the spotted background behind her. The dress is designed by Cynthia Rowley, a designer whose work is described as “flirty, vibrantly colored dresses and tops in wispy materials” by The New York Times.

Getty Images

She is also wearing nude lipstick and a big brow, and looks totally amazing! We want to channel her calm, collected elegance and coy smile in literally every selfie we take from now on!