Jessica Ellis
Updated March 19, 2017
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

We all know the day will come when “party starts at 10 pm” sounds like a nightmare instead of a basic Friday, but Jessica Chastain ain’t here for that. The star of The Martian and Zero Dark Thirty will turn 40 next week, and it doesn’t sound like she’s slowing down a bit. In fact, it sounds like her priorities are totally in order, and one of those definitely involves some exciting plans.

Speaking with E! Online, Chastain was grilled about her plans, post-birthday. With such a big marker on the calendar coming up, it seems only natural to want to know what the actress will be up to. And with such a busy schedule (as always, she has three or four movies in production,) it’s easy to wonder if she’ll get any time to celebrate at all!

What Jessica Chastain told E! Online sounds super pleasant.

Anybody with a tough working schedule knows that the one thing you never get to do enough of is hang out with your loved ones. It’s so great to see the wonderful actress making that a priority in her life.

But there’s more than just relaxing on her mind.

While fam/friend time is important, Jessica’s plans don’t just stop there. She’s about to fulfill a lifelong dream for her 40th birthday:

The film she mentions is The Zookeepers Wife, a true story about a couple, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who ran the Warsaw Zoo just prior to the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. The Zabinskis ended up saving more than 300 Jews from the Warsaw ghettos.

After making such a heavy movie, it’s no wonder Jessica really wants an adventure, sans Nazis. Have an awesome safari, Ms. Chastain, and send us some cute animal pics!!