Alim Kheraj
Updated Jul 26, 2017 @ 1:34 pm

Often people’s children take on the traits of one parent more than another. According to Jessica Biel, her son Silas takes after his father, Justin Timberlake.

Two years ago, Jessica and Justin welcomed their first child into the world, baby Silas, and since then the new family seems to be doing great. We love that they share parts of their lives with us, whether it’s Jessica finding new uses for her shoes (they became a dinosaur lair), the realities of what it’s like to be a parent, or how having a baby inspired Justin to write some of his biggest hits.

One little bit of info that Jessica Biel has shared is that 2-year-old Silas takes after his dad.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 35-year-old actor dropped by and shared some deets about her family.

When she was quizzed about where she shops for Silas’ clothes, Jessica admitted that she didn’t actually do the clothes shopping.

“He’s a mini Justin, it’s his style,” she said. “He’s got, like, a daddy swagger.”

While she might not be her son’s style inspiration, Jessica Biel can hold down the fort when it comes to snacks.

“I do not leave the house [without snacks],” she said. “I’m gonna have pretzels, veggie sticks, apple—I’m gonna have supplies.”

This isn’t the first time that Jessica has shared how her son takes after his father.

“They’re like the same person,” she told People last year. “It’s like a mini version of him…They like to sit and watch golf together. The only TV that Silas is allowed to watch is the Golf Channel, which is really funny. They just sit there on the couch staring at it. And they don’t communicate anymore. When golf is on, all the communication ends.”

Okay, we totally love that Silas and JT are basically the same person. We can totally picture them in matching outfits having a blast together! Like father like son, eh?