LG Mobile Phones And Sirens & Sailors Host An Evening Of Fashion & Style
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

We love NOTHING more than a good #TBT, from this absolutely incredible collage of Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson as little kids to all of Ellen Page’s classic old school shots, and 7th Heaven faves Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell just joined the list in a big way thanks to this *hilarious* exchange.

On Instagram, Biel wrote,

Like, OMG. Don’t worry, though, because her hair looks so much better now! Mitchell hilariously responded,

BRB, dying! But, like, seriously. Who doesn’t look back on our 2000s hairstyles and become filled with utter mortification?! Luckily, Instagram wasn’t invented until we were a little better at styling ourselves.

Mitchell is *amazing* at Insta throwbacks.

Like, hardcore.

This other photo of ~killer~ hairstyles is making us laugh SO hard right now.

And this totally adorable flashback.

We adore this duo, and have for ages! Thanks for the laughs, Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell! Here’s to looking back and laughing, even if it comes with a grimace.