Losing a pet can be like losing a member of your family. And actress Jessica Alba is currently mourning the loss of her little pug, Sid. Alba wrote a heartwarming Facebook post announcing her pup‘s passing Thursday morning, noting Sid was “the best friend a girl could ask for.”

Sid and Alba have gone through a lot more than the average dog and dog mom. The pair came up together in Hollywood. You might remember Alba’s tiny four-legged costar in her 2003 hit film, Honey. Yup, that was Sid!

Even though she was only a wee pup, Sid’s Hollywood debut was a splash hit. With Alba as her mom, Sid was destined to have a wonderful life.

In her older years, Sid helped Alba bring up two daughters, Honor and Haven. Like Alba said, Sid endured many a snuggle —

— and accepted baby kisses and hugs like a champ.

Sid even returned the love every once in a while.

Although Sid’s passing is incredibly sad for Alba and her family, one thing seems clear: Sid had a super happy life. Not only was she a minor celebrity, but she was also loved deeply by her humans. Rest easy, Sid. You were one cool pup!