Briana Hansen
December 20, 2016 4:06 pm
Barry King/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez knows the way directly to our hearts. The superstar has been popular for decades for a very good reason. She knows how to be true to herself, honest, and vulnerable. That, and she also knows how to put on an absolutely amazing show.

And seeing this throwback video of Jennifer Lopez getting teary-eyed while talking about her children is reminding us yet again how much we truly love her.

In the video, she talked to Jess Cagle not long after her 2011 album “Love?” debuted. Of course, we all now know what a major comeback that was for the singer. But it’s so heartwarming to see this raw glimpse into just how moved she was by that music at the time.

While reminiscing on the nature of love, Jennifer shares that her children totally changed her perspective on life.

And when she brought up her little ones, Max and Emme, she started to get emotional.


Several years later, life has only gotten crazier for JLo. This year alone, she wrapped filming for her hit show Shades of Blue. And her “All I Have” Vegas show was a major hit. Meanwhile, she’s found time to continue performing all over. Oh, and she designed a shoe line in her spare time because of course she did.

So seeing her care so deeply for her children is a great reminder that even superstars can stay super real.

JLo recently cancelled her Miami NYE performance so could spend some time at home after a whirlwind year. And seeing how much she truly loves the little ones she’s presumably be spending time with, we totally support that decision.