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Whether or not she's dating Drake is none of our business, but Jennifer Lopez wants to set things straight about dating younger men in general. During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Ellen tried really, really hard (like, admirably hard) to get some gossip out of JLo. When she mentioned the "younger man" theory (since tabloids believe that Lopez is notorious for dating below her age) Lopez got charmingly defensive.

And we totally love it. Because hey — as far as everyone is legal and willing, age is just a number. (Especially when you're Jennifer Lopez.) Nobody ever questions when a younger woman dates an older man, so it's about time someone spoke out about it!

Watch below as Lopez, as high-energy as ever, discusses her love life.

While DeGeneres saw it as "yelling," we totally love where JLo was going with this.

DeGeneres definitely agreed with her, especially after learning why Lopez was so passionate about the topic.

At the time, Lopez and Smart had 18 years between them. The two, who were linked together for quite some time, just broke up last year.

While she still didn't give a definite answer on Drake, at least we know the two of them are pretty good friends. We kind of like the fact that these two are so secretive. Regardless of what they're labeling themselves, we really do hope to hear their song collaboration sooner rather than later!