Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 1:34 pm
Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Cementing her status as the reigning queen of social media, Jennifer Lopez and her latest inspiring Instagram video have literally made us leap out of our seats to spring into action. Sorry, ACTION!

It’s a great glimpse into her rehearsal space, where ultra body-positive J-Lo and her team of dancers are crushing it with their fast-paced moves. Plus, she’s singing at the same time, like it’s NBD. Seriously, she’s giving us MAJOR fitness goals right now.

Talk about energetic…we’ve just gulped down our usual afternoon coffee quota to stay awake, and meanwhile she’s busting her booty like there’s no tomorrow.

Honestly, we’re feeling kinda…exhausted just watching this. Yet also…wide awake and ready to smash this day with every fiber of our being, because J-Lo’s passion and energy for life is infectious!

via giphyAnd in case you were wondering, J-Lo is currently in rehearsals for her Vegas show, and she’s been posting super body-positive snaps during her training period. Her dedication to her craft is inspiring, as well as the effort she puts into taking care of herself in general.

It can be genuinely hard to find time each day to work out, but the results of self-care are so worth it. Yes we don’t have the trainers that J-Lo has, but we have the internet which is FULL of videos to suit literally any work out schedule.

Wanna dance for 20 minutes?

The possibility of having J-Lo levels of energy is actually not a pipe dream, it just takes the right mindset. Thanks for inspiring us to get our bodies movin’ and groovin’ girl!

Seriously gonna go work out now. Or at least turn up some J-Lo songs and dance like nobody’s watching.