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Updated Nov 20, 2019 @ 11:06 am
Photo Call For STX Films' "Second Act"
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Jennifer Lopez knows all about hustling. In a recent interview, the Marry Me star asserted that she didn’t, in fact, get paid for her acting role as Ramona in her recent film Hustlers. While she still received pay for her producer credit, she did all of her acting work for free.

Hustlers made over $33 million in just its opening weekend, which meant Jennifer knew what she was doing with her pro bono acting role. But she wasn’t a part of the project simply to make money to begin with, as she explained to GQ during her interview.

Credit: Amy Sussman, Getty Images

As such, Lopez was excited to play someone like Ramona, as it gave her a challenge that she’d never taken on before, especially when it came to pole dancing.

“Obviously, for the pole dancing and to be playing a stripper, I was gonna be showing a lot of skin and my body in a way that I hadn’t ever before,” Lopez said of the demanding role. “So it was a lot of training and strength training and then pole dancing training. And it was really, really difficult.”

All the work certainly paid off, as did working with the Hustlers crew.

Lopez praised her experience on the movie, which represented a special milestone for her: an all-women cast.

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