Karen Belz
Updated Dec 14, 2016 @ 3:03 pm

One of the best parts about late night television shows is the fact that they introduce celebrities that might have never met otherwise. For example, last night’s Late Late Show had T.J. Miller from Silicon Valley, and Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence, of course, was on the show to promote her new movie Passengers. And even though she probably doesn’t know everything about space based on the film, she decided to chat about technology with Miller — specifically, apps.

Lawrence and host James Corden talked to Miller about their app ideas, to see which one Miller, who was wearing his holiday best, would personally invest in.

Lawrence admitted that her ideas — like many good ideas — might have developed while a bit tipsy. Watch and see what she dreamed up.

As it turns out, Lawrence is pretty curious to see what her and her dog would look like if they had babies. While Lawrence is totally not a cat person, she includes them in the idea as well.

Corden’s idea, however, is a bit riskier — it deals with a dating app based on pubic hair. While Lawrence thinks that Corden’s idea is pretty good (even exclaiming, “finally!”) Miller concludes that a mix of the two apps together would be the real winner.

So, sure — Jennifer Lawrence’s idea is definitely strange, but that’s why we love her. Knowing she’s totally a dog person adds to that love even more!