Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage/Getty Images

With their upcoming movie Passengers premiering on December 21, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have begun promoting the film. Which means the two delightful humans have been making a ton of super fun appearances and delighting audiences everywhere with their dynamic duo charm.

During a recent appearance on Ellen, Jennifer Lawrence admitted her favorite male body parts and made Chris Pratt (and the rest of the audience) crack up.

Jennifer and Chris were playing a game called “5 second rule.” The goal is to name three things in a category within 5 seconds. And the results were spectacular.

After completing a couple rounds of generic categories like, “Movies that take place in space” and “Planets besides earth,” the categories got a little spicier.

After a hilarious reaction from Chris, he starts with “lungs,” and adds a couple more (expected) answers from there. Jennifer gets the same question and, taking her time, starts listing some specifics.

Because she was making a V-gesture on her body, the audience starts cracking up. Ellen double checks her answer by affirming she called that stomach muscle area a “dent,” and more laughter ensues.

Of course, Chris can’t help but chime in that her gesture didn’t exactly look like she was pointing out the muscles, but rather something else. Jennifer, who jokes she was oblivious to what she was hinting at, starts to laugh even harder.

The whole segment was pure comedy gold. Jennifer and Chris clearly have a great time together. If their chemistry is anything like what we get to see in these fun appearances, Passengers is going to be an insanely good film!