Karen Belz
January 02, 2017 6:15 am

We’re dog people, so we totally get the love and adoration that our canine companions often receive. During the Late Night with Seth Meyers New Year’s special, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about her dog, named (and yes, this is for real) Pippi Lawrence-Stocking, and really, it makes us love her even more.

In J-Law’s eyes, she’s “obsessed” with her pooch, whose clever name was actually misidentified in the media. Supposedly Vanity Fair referred to the pup as “Pippi Longstocking,” and Lawrence wanted to clear up the error.

Watch below, as Lawrence chatted with Meyers about one very memorable vet visit.

We also love how Lawrence talks about a memorable moment from her Passengers press tour with Chris Pratt. After one interviewer mentioned Jack Russell Terriers, Pratt was a bit confused, while Lawrence — again, a dog person — totally understood the question.

In the Vanity Fair story, Lawrence talked about how she actually owned an oil painting of her dog (commissioned by a 14-year-old!) who is described as a small brown dog (and a mutt, in other interviews) and mentioned how her relationship with Pippi might negatively affect any future children.

Jennifer Lawrence pretty much puts into words how we feel about our dogs. We’re loving the bond that the two of them have, along with the fact that Pippi has been Lawrence’s top travel companion during all of her media tours. With these two, it’s totally puppy love.