Karen Belz
Updated Dec 20, 2016 @ 6:17 am
Credit: Bravo

While we all wish we could be best friends with J-Law, the role is already filled. Last night, viewers got to watch Jennifer Lawrence on Watch What Happens Live, where her and her BFF Laura Simpson got to play a game called “Shush You BFF Lush!”

The game is pretty much similar to how it sounds. Manning a bar in the back, Simpson had to either answer a scandalous question about her best friend, or take a sip of a Pump-Tini (named, of course, after the ladies of Vanderpump Rules.)

The pressure was on, but Simpson pretty much did exactly what any friend would do — she didn’t stay silent (since how interesting is that?) but she didn’t dish on topics that could possibly get back to Lawrence in a bad way.

Watch and see how these two interact:

While we’ve already heard that Lawrence has a celebrity crush on Larry David, it’s always good to have extra confirmation. But we didn’t know that she often refers to celebrities she doesn’t like by non-offensive, yet mysterious code names.

Likely that’s for the best. It shows that J-Law isn’t catty, or out to create unnecessary drama, but is — dare we say — human.

Simpson also admitted that Lawrence really didn’t have any big diva moments. And when she does, she snaps out of them pretty quickly, thanks to Simpson’s honesty on the matter. That’s true friendship right there!

Really, as far as friends go, Lawrence and Simpson make it all look so easy. We’re so glad they have each other’s back, especially after all of these years.