Olivia Harvey
December 26, 2019 8:39 am

Wrapping presents: You either love the process or loathe it. Actress Jennifer Garner recorded an all-too-relatable con of gift wrapping—what we call “the dreaded present peek-a-boo.” It’s what happens when you think you have enough paper to cover your parcel, until you reach the last fold and realize a piece of your present is peeking through the paper. As Garner showed us, there is a fix for the problem, but we can tell you right now, our fixes never look as good as hers.

“This is like Macy’s level,” Garner said in her Instagram video, posted on Christmas Day. She then flipped the package in her hand around to show off the bottom, where a piece of the cardboard packaging refused to be covered. “Do I need to patch something that small? Probably.”

How can one discreetly cover up the present peek-a-boo without totally butchering the entire wrap job?

“Mischief managed,” Garner signed off, right before she whispered, “It’s a ukulele!” Aha! That explains the bizarre shape.

As always, Garner proved that she’s perhaps the most-relatable celeb we know. Who hasn’t had to deal with the present peek-a-boo? One Instagram follower commented, “Can’t tell you how many presents I have patched over the years.” Another wrote, “Omg, that so happened to me when I was trying to wrap a Ukulele one year.”

If anyone needed a reminder that nobody’s perfect, Jennifer Garner delivered. We’re definitely saving this video to remind us how to perfectly patch a present peek-a-boo come next holiday season.