Bethany Biron
October 29, 2017 11:56 am
Jennifer Garner /

Just two months in and Jennifer Garner is already crushing the Instagram game. In honor of Halloween, Garner read a Halloween book with her dog, Birdie, and posted an adorable video of it on the platform.

Though she just joined last month, Garner is already impressing us with her Instagram skills and her knack for the app. She’s not shy to share her more intimate moments, like the time she got super emotional about Hamilton while high on laughing gas from the dentist. But one of our favorite segments is called “Books With Birdie,” in which Garner sits in a chair and reads her dog a book. (Birdie, a big golden retriever, sits on her lap, of course.)

For the “Spooktacular” second edition of “Books With Birdie,” Garner and Birdie decided to dress up and get in the Halloween spirit. Donning a skeleton suit, the actress reads from Room on the Broom as Birdie attempts to follow along, clad in a witch hat and glasses.

Let’s just say Birdie gets a bit distracted, much to Garner’s dismay.

Pretty soon after the camera starts rolling, Birdie loses her festive witch hat — which perfectly reflects the story in the book. “My gosh!” Garner exclaims, laughing at her pup. “You’re just like the witch!”

The clip is the followup to her first “Books With Birdie” post, during which Garner read from A Sick Day for Amos McGee. She shared that the videos are an ode to her childhood dream of working in literature.

Too. Cute.

Garner is definitely in the Halloween spirit. This morning, she posted a pic of her comfy costume. She’s a cat!

As the actress revealed to E! News, the real, super endearing reason she joined Instagram is because she likes to follow ballerinas and dancers. After routinely stalking their pages to watch dance clips and take a peek at their lives, she began to understand the appeal of the platform.

We can totally relate. And we can’t wait to see the next episode of “Books with Birdie.”