Olivia Harvey
Updated Dec 02, 2019 @ 1:36 pm

Look, it happens. Mail gets lost sometimes. We know an invitation to Justin Theroux’s incredible Friendsgiving party was sent to our address, but ish happens. Sure, we would have loved to party with our friends (and *the* Friends) Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. And yes, we would have loved to sit between Arrested Development’s Gob and Michael Bluth (Will Arnett and Jason Bateman). But, again, there’s always next year. *Chokes back a sob.*

jennifer aniston and justin theroux
Credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis, Getty Images

It’s true. Jennifer Aniston attended her ex-husband’s Thanksgiving celebration, which is probably the last thing anyone would ever want to do. Aniston and Theroux, however, have remained good friends since their split after two years of marriage in 2017. And besides, there were more than enough buffers at the function in case things got tense (which they clearly didn’t).

It looks like the exes were both incredibly thankful for their time together with friends.

Credit: Justin Theroux, Instagram

There was more than enough turkey, potatoes, green beans, and other sides to go around, but Aniston did her pal Jimmy Kimmel a solid and made his “f**king enchiladas.”

Then there were some serious love seshes. Courteney Cox was videoed sharing her love for Aniston before dinner. Then, these bros shared their love after dinner.

Credit: Justin Theroux / @justintheroux

Again, although we’re sad that our invite to Theroux and friends’ bash got lost in the ether, we’re thankful for these photos that prove that it happened. Next year. There’s always next year…