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Parenting requires a heck of a lot of teamwork. While many can successfully do it solo, a couple with a baby needs to always remember to work together for the common goal of raising your child successfully, without incident. While babies are excellent at changing up an entire relationship (as in, your romantic weekend dates might be replaced by a family outing to McDonald’s) they can also make couples even stronger. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are wonderful at showing how to do this whole parenting thing right.

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Sudeikis was at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival to promote the film Colossal and naturally, the topic of fatherhood came up. (After all, Wilde is pretty darn pregnant right now with baby due in the fall.) The new baby will be a great sibling to their son Otis, who’s already 2-years-old.

During an interview, People asked him what one of his proudest parenting moments has been thus far, and he totally gave credit to Wilde. Since if he didn’t choose the right partner to enter parenthood with, the situation would have been incredibly different.

So sweet. When asked about his most embarrassing moment? Well, that hasn’t happened yet. But surely it will.

It seems like Wilde and Sudeikis will just keep continuing to set both relationship goals and parenting goals for the rest of us!