Karen Belz
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 10:00 am

We want to bow down to WIRED, for having one of the best ideas for a video series ever. In their latest installment of “WIRED Autocomplete Interview,” Jason Sudeikis and Anne Hathaway answered questions from Google about — well — Jason Sudeikis and Anne Hathaway. Not only does the video remind us that these two celebrities are incredibly funny, but it shows they’ve got chemistry. And that’s important, since the two star together in the new film Colossal.

If you’re new to the series, it goes like this — celebrities ask each other pressing questions that are “most googled.” You’ve obviously searched for something before that had autocompleted results, right?

Well, Sudeikis and Hathaway set the record straight, and answered these questions straight from the source. And now, all of a sudden, we want to hear Sudeikis rock out on drums.

Anyone else look up Alien Avengers 2? It was the first movie that Sudeikis did, and it sounds…well, pretty interesting.

Here’s what else we learned:

Hathaway is no longer vegan. But that’s okay — we know she still has a soft spot for animals.

She also totally wishes she got to date Ellen DeGeneres. Watch out, Portia.

Credit: WIRED / www.youtube.com

She also wore a wig in The Princess Diaries. Sometimes.

As for Sudeikis, yes, he was once the voice of Applebees. And while we knew he wasn’t in The Hangover, he immediately knew the person that he was mistaken for — Bradley Cooper. So, that mix-up must happen pretty often.

He also identifies as a sneakerhead. If you’ve never heard of the term before, it’s exactly what you’d imagine.

This video definitely makes us want to check out Colossal. It’s currently in select theaters as a limited release.