Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 24, 2016 8:39 am
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Today in not okay, Janice Dickinson body shamed the Kardashians, and it’s honestly so uncool. Our feminist hearts are burning. According to PAPER, Janice Dickinson was on The Tomorrow Show, an online talk show, when she decided to vent about why she doesn’t think they have the “right” bodies to model. We’ll be the first ones to tell you there’s no such thing!

Sorry, Janice, but body shaming is not okay.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to like everyone. You really don’t! But not getting along with someone is *not* the same thing as shaming someone for their body. No one’s saying Janice Dickinson has to have a soft spot for the Kardashians, but, come on.

When she was explaining why she doesn’t like the Kardashians, Dickinson explained,

Kim Kardashian / www.instagram.com

Like, hold on a sec. What?! This definitely implies two major issues: that, one, you have to look a certain way to be able to put in the hard work it takes to be a model, and, two, that perfect proportions exist. It’s so exclusive, and so harsh, to act like some people can’t be models because they don’t fit a single standard.

Especially when you consider the prevalence of eating disorders among models that often result from thin bodies being idealized in the modeling industry, it’s extremely *not* okay to act like women have to look a certain way to be models.

David M. Benett/Getty Images for Hairfinity

It’s the reason we rally around body positive models, and stick up for women whose bodies are shamed. The industry is changing to be more inclusive, and body positive, and we hope that trend is more than a trend, but is a focus. Because all bodies are beautiful.