jamie lynn spears pregnant
Credit: John Shearer/ Getty Images

The holiday season is always full of exciting news and announcements. Including, this year, that Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting again! Although she already has one kid, we’re definitely grouping her with new father Freddie from iCarly in the whole, “celebs we still think of as being twelve years old who are hitting major life milestones and making us both feel old and like spinsters.”

In an Instgram post where Jamie Lynn shares her joy over some personal growth she accomplished this year, she also announced the new addition to her family!

Jamie Lynn’s daughter, Maddie, is nine years old now. (WE KNOW, RIGHT? HOW TIMES FLIES.) It sounds like a great age to become a big sister. We’re sure she’s looking forward to the opportunity to be the Britney to someone’s Jamie Lynn. Or, y’know. She’ll appreciate when it happens.

Her Instagram caption read:

She also slid in there that she’s been working on her music. She seems to heavily imply 2018 will not just have a new release to her family, but for her career as well.

We’re SO ready.