Jill Layton
Updated February 11, 2017
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

As it turns out, onscreen sex scenes are super awkward, which isn’t surprising. Sometimes sex can even be awkward IRL in the privacy of your own dark room with someone you actually care about. Well, Fifty Shades Darker star Jamie Dornan made orgasms funny while shooting sex scenes with costar Dakota Johnson.

Because what else does one do in awkward pretend sexual situations like the many they were in?

The actor stopped the The Graham Norton Show on Friday, along with fellow celebrity guests Whoopi Goldberg and Keanu Reeves. He revealed that during the sex scenes, he did he best to make Johnson laugh.

And if you thought there was a lot of sex in Fifty Shades of Grey, apparently there’s even more sex in the sequel.

Which, TBH, we didn’t even know was like physically possible. But hey — good for them.

Being the gentleman he is, Dornan included both Reeves and Goldberg into his story about sex scenes being awkward.

To which Goldberg hilariously replied, “This is why I love him. Because he includes me. ‘These guys know sex scenes are just really hard.’ It’s like, ‘No babe.'”

Fifty Shades Darker is currently in theaters.