Meaghan Kirby
July 26, 2017 1:51 pm
Disney / Getty

In raccoon-related news this week, Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn was forced to address the many, many headlines created during a recent GQ Magazine director round table where a hilarious soundbite emerged regarding Gunn and sexual relations with a raccoon.

TL;DR: James Gunn has never had sex with a raccoon and thinks this whole thing is even weirder than you do.

During the GQ roundtable, Gunn opened up to fellow directors — including Ava DuVernay, Jordan Peele, and Edgar Wright — about being asked to take on his dream job, directing GOTG. As he recounted being approached for the job by Marvel, his excitement took over, and Gunn casually said “I love fuckin’ raccoons” — simply trying to say he really loves the animal. Wright quickly countered that the comment would look *quite* different in print — a very good point, Edgar — and Gunn made a joke, clarifying that he had never fucked a raccoon, end of story.

But because, in the age of social media, we can’t just let a man talk about his dream job in peace, it became quite a headline.

Taking to Facebook, Gunn addressed the odd sensation in an adorable post:

In the post, Gunn admitted that he’s used to seeing his name pop up in news stories — as one does when they direct HUGE movies like GOTG — but the raccoon “thing” has taken on a life of its own. In the post he clarified the whole exchange for us.

See? James Gunn is a friend to raccoons and NOTHING MORE.

Being the charming director that he is, Gunn listed other animals he’s never had sex with, which include “dung beetles, fruit bats, rhinoceroses, and every other animal ever.”


So if you thought it was weird that there were a million news stories about James Gunn denying that he’s had sex with a raccoon, try being James Gunn because this has been a *very* weird few days for him.