Rachel Paige
Updated May 26, 2016 @ 4:59 pm
poe nick three
Credit: Fox, George Pimentel/Getty Images

It has been brought to our attention that one of our internet boyfriends looks a lot like one of our other television boyfriends. Friends, does Oscar Isaac kinda look like Jake Johnson? It can’t just be us noticing this striking resemblance.

poe nick three
Credit: Fox, George Pimentel/Getty Images

No, while we’re not going to go so far as to suggest that they’re the other’s doppleganger (though, that would be magical) they do KINDA look alike, you have to admit. Our very favorite Poe “keep it, it suits you” Dameron looks a lot like Nick “it is perfectly fine to watch TV all day” Miller.

Credit: Fox, Lucasfilm

Considering how many times we’ve binged New Girl all the way through, and the countless times we’ve obsessed over Star Wars before, it’s ridiculous we didn’t notice this until now. These two could easily play brothers in some road trip movie (that we would totally see opening day). If we can’t get Johnson into the Star Wars Universe, we should at least be able to get Isaac into the Loft, right? RIGHT?

WHICH ONE IS WHICH? Duh, you know. But looking quick, you might not.

Credit: Fox, HBO

The nose. The eyes. The hair. Admit that you totally see this, too. Mind = blown.

Credit: Fox, Michael Buckner/Getty Images