jake gyllenhaal
Credit: W magazine

If you’re a devotee of the increasingly popular ASMR videos that keep cropping up all around the internet, you’re probably a fan of W Magazine‘s ASMR celebrity video series. But if you’re not familiar with either of these things, here’s a quick primer: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, referring to a “tingling” sensation those who experience ASMR get when watching videos like this one featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.

The video is two minutes of Jake Gyllenhaal whispering through an interview, and playing with bubble wrap, clicking a camera, and doin’ some woodworking.

To be honest, whether or not you experience ASMR, it’s still an extremely satisfying video. It’s two minutes of a very beautiful man speaking in soft, sweet tones and sort of charmingly half-laughing at everything he says while popping bubbles on bubble wrap, which is everybody’s favorite thing to do. And if you do experience ASMR, we’re really jealous, and really excited for you. Because if that’s the case, then this video is probably going to be a religious experience, or something.

Behold: the Jake Gyllenhaal ASMR video.

Thank you, W Magazine, for providing content for this specific intersection of interests (celebrities and ASMR).

We also kind of love this interview because they ask Jake Gyllenhaal how he spent his morning, and apparently it’s not all green juice and parties in Celebrityland after all — his morning sounds an awful lot like hours.

We’ll text you, Jake. Especially if you make more of these videos.