Kenya Foy
September 21, 2016 12:41 pm
Getty Images/Kevin Winter

If you adore your mom as much as the Willow and Jaden Smith love their uber famous ‘rents, you’ll agree that it is most necessary to go all out when buying a birthday gift for the person who willingly changed your poopy diapers.  That said, we’re low-key jelly of the blinged-out grill Jaden bought his mom Jada for her 45th birthday.

Like any proud mama would do, the Gotham actress showed off her gold mouthpiece on Twitter and we have to say, she is absolutely slaying the bejeweled look. The coolness oozing from this selfie almost distracted us from the presence of the glorious grill:

Seriously y’all: Is it too late for Pinkett-Smith to adopt us because COOL MOMS ARE THE BEST.

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Sure, Jaden’s gift is so hip we can hardly stand it, but he just put a huge amount of pressure on us to switch up the ol’ “give mom a card and flowers for her birthday” routine. Between the lucky mom who got Adele concert tickets and Pinkett’s exceptional b-day bling, we definitely have to step up our gift-giving game ASAP.