Picture of Johnson Hanks SNL
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Is The Rock running for president? Back in May, Dwayne Johnson joked in his Saturday Night Live monologue about the possibility. Earlier this month, someone filed paperwork making The Rock eligible to run in 2020. Now, Johnson’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle costar Jack Black is weighing in on The Rock’s possible presidential run.

Does Jack Black think Johnson will run for president in 2020?

Black addressed the burning question with Us Weekly at Clayton Kershaw’s 5th annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose in Los Angeles this weekend. And he didn’t seem so sure that Johnson would be ready to leave his very successful entertainment career behind.

Black was referring to The Rock’s official SNL statement, where he said he’d pick Tom Hanks as his running mate. Which we’re definitely behind, for the record.

To refresh your memory, Johnson said:

He then went on to give some serious burns to Donald Trump.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!