Briana Hansen
August 25, 2016 2:26 pm
Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

J.K. Rowling is a force to be reckoned with. And when she decides to chime in on a debate, she’s often able to shut it down with incredibly concise and clever commentary in under 144 characters. So when she most recently spoke out about on the burkini ban in France, she pretty much owned the dialogue in a simple tweet that points out the very heart of the burkini issue.

ICYMI, France implemented a pretty bonkers ban on women wearing burkinis, which are a swimsuit designed to allow Muslim women to cover their bodies  as is which is part of their religious observation. The ban was implemented by Cannes Mayor David Lisnard who claimed the burkini was a “symbol of Islamist extremism.” The former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, even chimed in during a TV interview Wednesday night, calling the burkini’s a “provocation.”

If that makes you feel very “ugh,” we totally agree. And so does J.K. Rowling.

Just like that she was able to point out a major hypocrisy in both this burkini debate and the culture that created it.

Bow down.

Rowling is definitely not one to shy away from controversy, but always enters the conversation in the most nonchalant and logical way, using her incredible intelligence and unique way with words to basically cast an enlightenment spell on all of us.

While it’s never surprising when Rowling uses her wit and humor to illuminate some pretty brilliant points on otherwise dark topics, it’s still always awe-inspiring to see it happen.

But she doesn’t just chime in on some of the life’s more frustrating issues. She’s also a general Twitter goddess who happily gives wonderful responses and meaningful advice to the masses who seek her out.

A quick perusal of her tweets and you can see a loving and positive woman who’s genuinely trying to make the world a happier and (dare we say it) more magical place.

We love you, J.K., for everything you are but especially for your amazing way with words. Thanks for using your powers for good and keep on fighting the good fight.