Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:14 pm

There are a lot of really great people to love when it comes to the cast of This Is Us, and there are a lot of really great style choices to love, too (hello, Milo’s mustache). But, we’re here to play favorites for one quick second, and we need to talk about Chris Sullivan’s red carpet style, because it is gosh darn fabulous.

Chris, who stars as the lovable Toby on the show, is not afraid to mix it up on on the red carpet, and honestly, we need more of this in life. We’re always talking about the ladies who make interesting fashion choices, by pairing stripes with polkadots or wearing bold lips or whatever, but we rarely ever dote on the guys. Maybe that’s because most dudes stick to the typical suit and tux combo on the carpet. Not Chris. WE NEED MORE DUDES LIKE CHRIS.

So let’s go ahead and take a few moments and really appreciate the fact that Chris has his own unique style, and he is not afraid to rock it, and rock it he DOES.

Just last night at the People’s Choice Awards, Chris stepped out on the red carpet wearing paint-splattered pants and a red bow tie like he was born to wear this outfit.

Kevork Djansezian/Stringer/Getty Images

Just last month at the Golden Globes, Chris stepped out wearing a swirly-gold blazer. But what’s really caught our attention are those heart-shaped glasses. Question, where can we get a pair of those??

Kevork Djansezian/Stringer/Getty Images

Chris isn’t always going for big and splashy, though. Sometimes, he just looks perfectly dapper in a striped shirt and vest combo. But, what really sets this outfit apart is the fedora. You are aware that just not ANYONE can make a fedora look good, right?

Vincent Sandoval/Contributor/Getty Images

Also, let’s pause for a sec and acknowledge Chris’ eyewear. A pair of glasses with a circular and square frame lens? That is just cool and quirky.

Phillip Faraone/ Contributor/Getty Images

Okay, and now back to the pants + the hats + the glasses combo:

Jason LaVeris/Contributor/Getty Images

I’m no fashion expert but…are those Lilly Pulitzer pants??

Jason LaVeris/Contributor/Getty Images

We’re now here to talk about shoes, because this pair is 💯.

Todd Williamson/Contributor/Getty Images

And when it is time to ditch the colors and the patterns, Chris still manages to keep his signature style.

David Livingston/Contributor/Getty Images

In short, get Chris on more red carpets. Thanks!