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Great Gatsby star Isla Fisher has just taken a picture of a “healthy” breakfast every girl can relate to.

Her caption is glamorous (and hilarious) and only adds to her oh-so-relatable moment:

“I always start my day with a massaged kale smoothie, a free range, organic, grass fed, locally sourced single egg white, and delicious glass of alkaline water.”

Of course it’s obvious from just looking at it that her words are a star contrast to what she is actually eating, which many people would argue is significantly less healthy than what she described.

In the picture, she’s scarfing down on french fries, some sort of quesadilla, and a Diet Coke.


We don’t know what is more hilarious and adorable, to see Fisher breaking the mold of the typical “healthy” celebrity breakfast post in a funny and irreverent way, or the fact she is doing it totally glammed up and relaxing in a bathrobe, presumably in a trailer somewhere. Either way, we love her even more for this amazing and very relatable post.

We’ve all been there, so thank you, Isla, for bringing a healthy dose of reality to our Sunday morning brunch posts! Now, are you going to finish those fries?