Ireland Baldwin
Credit: Pablo Cuadra/FilmMagic

In addition to being the capital of entertainment, Los Angeles is famous for its sunny weather. Unfortunately, this winter, LA has experienced some of the worst weather in its history. So bad that even celebs have felt its wrath. A tree crashed in Ireland Baldwin’s yard, and it looks pretty dang gnarly!

While a lot of people love rainy days, it’s hard to be excited about floods, mudslides, and horrible traffic. Conversely, having a fallen tree trap you in your own driveway is not fun either. But that’s exactly what is going down for one Hollywood it girl.

Ireland Baldwin shared photos from the scene of the tree crash, stating that she will obviously not attend any events she promised to be at over the weekend. All things considered, she is lucky that the damage was not directly to her house. You can clear a fallen tree, but you cannot put together a shattered living room.

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger also shared a video from her home.

In spite of California’s reputation for being dramatic every time it rains, Ireland makes sure to let people know that Southern California has it just as hard as the rest of the United States. In the caption for the above video, she states:

Because Ireland’s home is extremely beautiful, it makes perfect sense that she would have such strong words.

We’re glad you’re safe, Ireland!