Olivia Harvey
August 09, 2017 8:25 am

We realize that some people don’t like to delve into conspiracy theories before noon, but this just can’t wait. These sisters on Instagram look so much like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner that it’s eerie. This extreme case of doppelgänger-ism can’t just be coincidence — there has to be a bigger picture, right?

Meet the second Kim and Kylie, Sonia and Fyza Ali, sisters and Instagram celebrities from Dubai and Kuwait.

Their joint Instagram account has amassed 618,000 followers because of their uncanny looks. We wouldn’t be surprised if half of their followers are actually under the impression that Sonia and Fyza’s Instagram is actually a Kim and Kylie joint account.

No, we swear — that is not the real Kim and Kylie! And neither is this —

For comparison, here’s the real duo:

So what gives? Okay, we have two theories at this point. The first of which being that the Ali sisters are clones.

With a great deal of wealth between them, Kim and Kylie decided to buy themselves clones because, why not?

Or perhaps Sonia and Fyza Ali are aliens. When they first arrived to Earth, Sonia and Fyza realized that Kim and Kylie would be the perfect human forms because they are beloved by so many. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that looking like famous people might blow their alien cover. We’re onto you, you gorgeous aliens.

No matter who they ~really~, Sonia and Fyza are a marvel to behold. We’re certainly going to be keeping up with the Alis from here on out.